Why Your Flower Customers Are Asking You About Head Sizes of Roses


Do you believe large head sizes of roses, thick stems and intense colours are in the base range of the better florist?

Head sizes of roses for Premium Roses, T-Hybrids, Supermarket Range roses (Intermediate Roses), Sweetheart or Petite Roses. We will help you understand the different bud sizes available in our marketplace. The cost of each is also different. And our assurance to you is a rose that is of a consistently high quality throughout the year, with minimal variation in head size

The Bud sizes of roses or the headsize will vary between varieties and colors. The available bud sizes of roses are grouped into:

  1. Premium Roses
  2. T-Hybrids
  3. Supermarket Range roses (Intermediate Roses)
  4. Sweetheart or Petite Roses

  • Premium Roses
premium roses - head sizes of roses

Larger bud roses that we call premium roses have a head size of 7 to 8 cm when fully blossom and are commonly known as “South American head size”.

  • T-Hybrids
t-hybrid roses - head sizes of roses

Hybrid Tea Rose, the most common roses, has a full blossom, 5.5cm

  • Supermarket Range roses (Intermediate Roses)
intermediate roses - head sizes of roses

Intermediate roses that we call Supermarket Range Roses have a head size of 4cm to 5cm and can fully blossom to 5.5cm. These roses are know as “European head size”.

  • Sweetheart or Petite Roses
sweetheart or petite roses - head sizes of roses

Sweetheart Rose, have a head size of 2.5cm and can grow to 3.5cm.

premium roses - head sizes of roses

No matter the head sizes of roses; They the most beloved flower for the florist and consumer

Roses are used in a wide range of floral designs, bouquets, and arrangements, as well as corsage and wedding flowers.

Purchasing Hints: Purchase tight, semi-firm heads just beginning to open. The stems should be straight, strong and unscarred. Leaves should be dark green and turgid.

Roses are perhaps the best-known flowers in the world. They are cultivated from South America to Africa, from Eastern Europe to the Far East. In many countries roses are strongly connected to special events, ceremonies, and symbolic events. In Europe and America, roses are synonymous with Valentine’s Day, a floral symbol of love and passion.

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