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Germany is not only the largest European market for cut flowers but Wholesale Flower to Germany supermarkets as a channel is growing particularly fast there. Many florists, Supermarkets and flower wholesalers in Germany are preferring flowers Kenya because of quality and price. Most of the flowers from Kenya are supplied via The Dutch flower auction (FloraHolland) in the Netherlands. However many flowers traded directly, bypassing the Dutch flower auction.

Direct supply of fresh flowers to Germany is more preferred by retailers who have a constant demand of flowers over a fixed period, have a preferred price, payment terms different from those in the flower auction and are looking for specific labels and a certain quality of the flowers.

Wholesale Flower to Germany

Wholesale Flower to Germany – Market Key Factors

  • Increasing demand for socially responsible and sustainably produced roses
    Demand for cut roses that are certified socially responsible and environmentally friendly is increasing in Germany. Many retailers require suppliers to comply with production standards that involve good agricultural practices, environmental and social standards, such as MPS-ABC, Fairtrade, FFP and GLOBALG.A.P. Large retailers often ask for a variety of certificates. This trend is less marked in the traditional florist and market stalls sales channels.
  • Longer vase life
    Good quality is important in the German market, A vase life of approximately 7 days is often regarded as the minimum.
  • Growing market share of supermarkets and direct trade
    Direct trade between producers and wholesalers supplying the German market is increasing.
  • Moderate growth, low price and high quality
    Overall demand for cut flowers in Germany is only growing moderately. Sales are increasing in the supermarket channel, although average prices are very low in this market channel. At the same time, German consumers are demanding high quality.
  • Increasing internet sales
    Purchases are based on a digital product image. Growers therefore need to pay constant attention to consistent quality and reliable information as wholesalers prefer to work with the most reliable suppliers.

What are the end market prices for Farm Direct Wholesale Flower to Germany?

The cost of shipping Wholesale Flower to Germany (transportation costs, insurance, tax, documentation costs, and some additional charges) amounts to some 20-40% of the export value (FOB).

Why Buy Farm Direct Wholesale Flower to Germany

Flowers grown in Kenya are exported primarily to wholesale florists and retail grocery chains. Also, wholesale and retail customers are managed in three Segments: wholesale, supermarkets (retail) and weddings & events.

  • Wholesale Segment

The wholesale segment comprises of the traditional flower wholesalers. These choose from our wide online catalogue and are given better prices upon login all year round. Traditional wholesalers fulfill a number of functions for their retail florist customers, including product sourcing, brokering and handling, providing product information and being a source for credit.

  • Retail Segment

At the retail segment, Flowers sells to a variety of outlets including traditional florists, garden centres, supermarkets, and market and street vendors. The manner in which the retail divisions interact with customers is quite different from the wholesale ones. We cater for the needs that may include barcoding, specialized packaging, bouqueting etc.

  • Events and Weddings

We delivers European hand-tied bouquets, arrangements, grower bunches for special events, weddings, funerals, anniversaries, and client appreciation.

If you are in wholesale, supermarkets (retail) and weddings & events in Germany, Join us.

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